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JDI editor

Teeth Whisperers
Published 04/7/2009

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The phrase "The eyes are the windows to the soul", is attributed to various writers and philosophers. But the sentence: "The teeth are windows to the health," it is because, Mohamed Bassiouny, DMD, MSc, PhD, which examines how the teeth provide important information on their patients' health for more than 30 years.
As part of the ongoing investigation, a chronic patient Bassiouny in November / December issue of General Dentistry, whose teeth have been eroded by stomach acids, a condition often associated with bulimia and other systemic diseases.

However, in this case the patient had no history of an eating disorder or abnormal gastric reflux syndrome. Instead, he suffered from dysmenorrhoea - painful cramps associated with menstruation. That is what forced severe cramps in the stomach acids back up the esophagus and mouth. Bassiouny, a professor of restorative dentistry at the Temple of the Kornberg School of Dentistry, says he was able to detect and diagnose the problem of accounting for the status of oral health, taking account of all medical and dental history and other things that may not.
"It is important that providers of health care through the mouth to examine all options," he said. "I do not think you can only on the mouth of a person, and a cavity filled. Other factors, health must also be considered - for example, a patient of race and inheritance, as well as their habits and manner of life - so that we can with the state, and is not repeated. "
E 'a broad thinking, which allows Bassiouny to find more information about the health condition of a patient only once in the mouth. Among other damage to the teeth of the patient to a dentist can be said about what it's like the diet in which the use of drugs (and what) if they have a mental disorder, or if you are under stress. Bassiouny said in this context, the dentists are in the forefront when it comes to the treatment of patients' welfare.

"Many patients may cause damage to teeth as a result of another disease or a habit or lifestyle. But many have with him for so long that they do not realize that there is a problem," he said. "You can feel their normal, so that you do not visit if their doctor for a check-up," he added. "But if we see something in your mouth, raises a red flag, not only you can heal your oral health, but the support they need if something serious happens in other parts of the body."