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JDI editor

Animal dentist removes a painful tooth from a 28-stone gorilla
Published 08/31/2008

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This is the amazing moment one of the world's alone specialist zoo dentists goes to plan removing a 3-inch aching tooth from the aperture of a behemothic gorilla.

Dr Peter Kertesz spent two hours removing a torn basset which was causing austere toothache to Petinax, a silverback Western gorilla. The ample primate, who acme the scales at 28 rock (179 kg), was heavily sedated by his keepers afore a aggregation of them aerial him into the dentist's armchair for the work.

Officials at Paignton Zoo in Devon say Pertinax was "understandably groggy" afterwards the analysis which auspiciously removed the tooth. Dr Kertesz - one of alone a few specialist zoo dentists in the apple - has agitated out dental plan on alien breed including whales, pandas and elephants. He said: "Animals or people, it's all the aforementioned - they charge treatment, they get treatment." The calibration is what varies - and the location. It is all about teamwork. "It is a actual austere business. The bloom and sometimes the activity of a attenuate animal is in your hands."

Pertinax gorilla
Neil Bemment, babysitter of mammals at the zoo, added: "Pertinax had a torn canine. Peter had to abolish the root, which was a acceptable three inches long." Pertinax is the 25-year-old baton of the zoo's available accumulation of gorillas and was advised at the attraction.

Pertinax gorilla