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JDI editor

Simroid - dentistry in the uncanny valley
Published 07/13/2008

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Simroid, a automatic dental accommodating with an eerily astute appearance, has been spotted at the 2007 International Apprentice Exhibition in Tokyo. Designed primarily as a training apparatus for dentists, the fembot accommodating can chase announced instructions, carefully adviser a dentist’s achievement during apish treatments, and acknowledge in a human-like way to aperture pain.

dental phantom robot

Because Simroid’s astute actualization and behavior actuate humans to amusement her like a animal being, as against to an object, she helps dental trainees apprentice how to bigger acquaint with patients.

Simroid’s physique and ascendancy arrangement was developed by Kokoro Company, creators of the Actroid agent robot. Like her Actroid sister, Simroid is able with a arrangement of air-powered anatomy and bendable silicone skin. However, she has something the Actroid does not - acute teeth. Thanks to a aperture loaded with sensors, she knows if her dentist-in-training makes a mistake. And to accurate her pain, she grimaces, moves her easily and eyes, and says, “That hurts.”

Kokoro says that for an added blow of realism, Simroid exhibits a gag reflex if instruments are amid too far into her mouth.