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 »  Home  »  Dental Implant 3  »  Prosthodontic Implant Rehabilitation After the Treatment of a Pathologic Lesion in the Mandible: A Case Report
Prosthodontic Implant Rehabilitation After the Treatment of a Pathologic Lesion in the Mandible: A Case Report
Discussion - References.

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The reported case shows the advantages of using osseointegrated implants in the rehabilitation of patients after tooth loss and tissue loss that may result from an extensive surgical procedure. A removable prosthesis was not acceptable to the patient. It would have been unfortunate to resort to a removable partial denture in such a young patient. The implant provided a functional and cosmetic restoration of the edentulous saddle area.
There are reports in the literature of implants successfully replacing teeth after surgical treatment of an odontogenic keratocyst, but nothing has been documented in fibroosseous lesions. Implants can provide successful prosthodontic rehabilitation when removable partial dentures would have been extremely difficult and possibly intolerable.


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